An Elegant Writing Desk Is Fashionable and Functional

Anyone who wants to furnish a home office but is not thrilled by the look of a commercial desk should consider purchasing a nice writing desk. A decorative wooden writing desk is much more elegant than an ordinary work desk that can be found in any generic office. The warm colors will enhance the décor in any room whether contemporary or traditional.  When paired with leather furniture such as a leather sofa, this type of desk will create an exceptionally beautiful and comfortable home office.

A Queen Anne writing desk is one design that is extremely popular with homeowners who are setting up a home office. Writing desk furniture from the Queen Anne collection mimics the styles that were so prevalent during her rein in England in the early 18th century. The simple design is timeless and is in demand with those looking for an elegant furniture piece that also serves a specific purpose. These desks have a unique silhouette presented by the graceful, curvilinear legs that extend down from the table top. Many of these pieces are devoid of the Rococo and Baroque accents that were often used in that time period but there were some craftsman who added intricate scroll work to the knees and feet as an added flourish.

Queen Anne Writing Desk

Queen Anne Writing Desk at

The French writing desk is similar to the English piece but the design is usually more elaborate. Thin, curved legs are reminiscent of the English desks. One elegant touch that was often added was a contrasting wood drawer inlay. Some of these types of desks are designed with a leaf or two that will fold up to give the user more room to work. When the desk is not in use the flaps can be folded back down so the desk will take up less space in the room.

An authentic antique writing desk is quite hard to come by and even if one can be located, it will be very expensive. Estate sales and auction houses are the best sources for authentic French and Queen Anne writing desks. The condition of the piece, the manufacturer responsible for its creation and where it comes from will all factor into how expensive a real antique writing desk will be. For people who want beauty without the high price, a quality reproduction is a reasonable option. These pieces are faithfully made with attention to detail and the signature styling that makes these pieces distinctive.

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