Options for Renewing your Wood Flooring

If it’s time to replace the flooring in your home, you have some decisions to make, like what type of flooring will suit the style of your home, and how you live. That is why it is important to replace with the suitable flooring that will address your needs and wants. There are so many types of flooring in the world today. There are still some flooring types that are cut above the rest. One of them is solid wood flooring.

A lot of people think that solid wood flooring is an expensive choice and will try other choices. The initial price of solid wood flooring may be more than the others, but it because of all the long term benefits it offers, paying the extra price for solid wood may be a wise choice. Wood floors such as solid oak flooring are fairly expensive because their timbers grow in a slow rate. Thus, it takes a long period for replacements. One of the most popular forms of solid wood is wood plank flooring.


Solid Wood Flooring

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There are also flooring that are made of softwood. This type is less expensive because they grow faster, so if you are on a budget but still want real wood flooring, this may be your answer. The fiber for solid wood is denser than other softwood. Therefore, it cannot be marked easily and will retain its looks for many years.  Soft wood floors should only be used in rooms where there is not a high traffic volume, such as a spare bedroom or a formal living room that is not used often. Pine flooring would be an example of softwood flooring.

Another option that is fairly cheap is to get engineered wood flooring, or laminate wood flooring as it is also called. This type of floor is made of recycled wood chips. These chips are put together using special glue. The disadvantage of laminate flooring is when it gets wet, it has a tendency to fall apart or bend. Laminate floor boards can easily be marked and when the marks are deep, it will be very difficult to repair it. If there are marks on solid floorboards, the normal surface can be restored just by sanding and finishing it again.

For those who like the idea of using “green” flooring, then bamboo or cork flooring can’t be beat.  If you haven’t seen a either, then you are in for a surprise.  They are gorgeous, durable, and affordable.

Renewing your floor is a big decision, especially if you experienced so many problems with your old floor. This decision requires careful evaluation of options – do you want light or dark hardwood flooring, flooring from a renewable source such as bamboo flooring, or something like laminate or softwood flooring that will be more economical? When you are in the process of choosing flooring, be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various flooring types.


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