Spice Up a Room with Window Valances

Having a beautiful room is what decorating is all about.  Still, after a few months, even the prettiest of rooms tends to get old if you spend enough time in it.  Adding a new valance can sharpen a room’s focus and bring new life even to a room that has not been redecorated in a long time.  A new valance and custom window treatments will spice up a room until you can find the time to complete your redecorating plans or you can avoid a total make-over all together.

Valances And Sheers

Adding kitchen valances for windows in the kitchen along with new sheers can give the room an entirely new perspective.  While this may sound easy enough, there are a few tricks to handing kitchen valances as well as valances for other rooms that will help you to avoid common problems and mistakes.  There are always a few problems that will pop up unexpectedly.

Sagging In The Middle

One problem most people have is the sagging middle problem.  Often, we have to cover a very wide space and even the lightest

Waverly Window Valance

Waverly Window Valance from Amazon.com

lace valances for windows will sag and droop.  Custom window treatments should be perfect and any flaw will stand out glaringly.  Adding a short block of wood to the window frame with an extra bracket is the best way to go, although a 16-penny nail is often enough to keep everything straight in an emergency, until you can add a new bracket the correct way.  The valance will hide whatever you do.

Predominant Colors And Solids Work Well

If adding only valances for windows, matching colors, patterns, and themes can be a problem.  If you can, match a theme exactly, like country valances for windows.  If however, you cannot match a theme exactly, match the predominant color with a solid color valance.  Adding custom window valances or even ready made window valances for windows will solve any problems you may have with a room’s décor becoming old and tiresome without completely redecorating.  It is also less expensive than a complete do-over.

Window valances and swags and even window treatments for sliding glass doors can certainly add some spice to any room, and by just changing out these relatively inexpensive window treatments, you can save yourself money while making the rooms in your home look fresh and new.

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