Why You Should Use White Table Lamps in Your Home

Colors are known to create significant effect on our mind and body; they provide separate sense for different people. The color white though technically speaking the more correct phrase would be the white shade signifies peace and purity. When it comes to selecting colors for your table lamps, white is the most popular choice, whether it be for use on a hall table, or even on white bedroom furniture.

White is popular owing to its neutrality and the fact that it augments nearly all types of home décor. It not only brightens the surroundings but helps in lifting the mood of the occupants. As dirt on it clearly shows up, cleaning white table lamps is also easier than other shades. Depending on the type of material it is made of, cleaning a white table lamp is usually as simple as using a soft damp cloth to carefully wipe it, and then gently drying it with another soft cloth.  Of course, you should always unplug any electrical appliance before cleaning it. Modern table lamps are usually made of materials that will be just this easy to clean.  If you

White Table Lamp

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have an antique white table lamp, it might be a good idea to let an antiques expert look at it and tell you what the best method of cleaning it will be.

White for many would signify hygienic, while for some it can be a bit too harsh; while others may consider it to add tranquility. So do not ever go for purely white shades, rather blend the surrounding with shades of white along with other textures. Choose white shaded table lamps and place them on contrasting lamp bases; use different textured lamp shades to enlighten or if needed dampen the effect of white. Using dimly lit white small table lamps could create shadows in your bedroom which may add to the much needed romantic effect. Use white table lamps in rooms with lighter shade, a dark colored wall with a striking white table lamp may be too harsh for the environment. Remember to augment the effect of white using other furnishings.

A white table lamp with glossy base is great for providing proper illumination; while a dull finish base could give you the desired calmness. Depending on the room requirements and use, choose the correct shape and style of the white shaded table lamps. Before making the buying decision you can always check the online retailing sites for the designs; you can even compare the prices and features.

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