Protect Your House From Water Damage

Water damage can cause a number of problems to your home. So before going through all these maintenance and repair costs, take precautions and check for possible damages immediately. Knowing the basics of how to prevent water damages to the main areas prone to water issues can be helpful. It can even save you thousands of dollars.


Most people are not aware that water damages on pipes or other building materials, if not treated immediately, can accumulate harmful molds. Toxic black molds can accumulate and can bring hazards to your family’s health. Proper maintenance is a must especially those who are living in areas where humidity reaches up to 55%.


A basement is one of the major areas in our home that’s prone to water damage. Accordingly, leaks in the basement are most likely to be reoccurring if it is not treated on the first incident. The key to basement water damage repair is to reroute your drainage. Constructing a French drain will also help you save money in the long run. It is a trench covered with rock and gravel that redirects surface and ground water away from the area.  Basement crack repair can also go a log way to keeping water damage from mold and mildew from taking over in your basement area.

Dehumidifier for Water Damage Cleanup

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The roof is the second most area prone to water damage. It is mainly caused by humidity and rain. Discoloration on your ceiling is an indication that your roof needs water damage repair. Early detection can save homeowners from the headache of big repair costs. For an emergency fix, you need to have the proper tools because you will be repairing drywall or plaster also, after the leak on the roof has been fixed.  Water damage repair to drywall can usually be done by DIY homeowners,but damage to the actual roof might be something better left to roofing professionals.  You can use an instant roof repair product that will keep leaks at bay until it can be repaired properly, however.

Instant Roof Repair

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If a flooded basement has already occurred be sure to request assistance from professionals to check on the electrical components of your house. Avoid doing it on your own because electrical wires are complicated and dangerous. Water damage restoration on any area of your home that involves electrical connections is always best left to professionals.  There are companies such as Stanley Steemer and ServPro that specialize in water damage cleanup, and that will do a great job in making sure the damage is cleaned and or repaired properly.

Protect your dream home by having a regular check up for water damage on the major parts of your house.  You can do this yourself by doing a visual inspection of the roof as well as the basement.  Discolorations on the ceiling should be immediately checked out, and any actual water or musty smell in a basement should be investigated right away.  Just by doing an hour’s worth of investigating once a year, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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