Wall Painting Ideas to Make Your Drab Walls Look Like A Million Bucks!

If you are tired of boring white walls or have a bunch of little finger prints that need covering up, instead of repainting with the traditional eggshell white, consider using some creative wall painting ideas. There are many interesting techniques that can transform the entire look and style of a room. Detailed instructions of each type of painting can easily be found on the Internet and are great DIY projects that anyone can tackle.

When looking for interior wall painting ideas, it is good to consider the style of your existing furniture and décor as well as the colors that are already in the room.  Start by collecting paint color cards from a paint store and experiment with different color combinations. Be sure to look at them against your carpet and furniture upholstery. If you are interested in some interesting home wall painting ideas like faux painting, learn everything you can about it and practice on a large piece of cardboard or wood before you start on your walls.

Decorative Paint Techniques and Ideas Book

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You need to think about which kind of paint you want to use. Generally speaking, oil based is preferred for outdoors while latex is chosen for the interior since it is so much easier to clean up. Whichever kind you choose, you also will need to decide on a finish. Flat paint gives a matte look, which is low key with a nice subtle effect that is good for a bedroom though it is difficult to clean. Eggshell paints have a low sheen and are nice for quiet areas. Satins clean easily with a mild sheen and semi gloss is good for areas of high humidity. They also work well for trim and with other wall painting techniques. Glossy leaves a very easy to clean surface and are quite shiny.

After deciding on the kind of paint you will use you need to choose your brushes or rollers. Natural bristle brushes are made for oil-based paints where synthetic brushes are best for water-based paints. Some important things to look for in a quality brush is that it has a wooden handle that absorbs moisture, bristle length that is twice that of the brush and good flex and snap back in the bristles with very little shedding. Whether you choose a brush or a roller really depends on what it is you are painting and the style you are choosing to use. It is best to go with whatever is recommended in the directions for painting in the style of your choice.

If you are re-doing walls in your kitchen another great way to alter your look is by changing your backsplash. There are thousands of great kitchen backsplash ideas that can be found on the Internet that are inexpensive and simple to do. Your kitchen backsplash can be coordinated with your existing kitchen curtains, or with patio door window coverings in the room. You can find detailed instructions that can take even a beginner through the process. Great walls don’t have to cost a fortune and by following some easy techniques, you can transform you drab and outdated walls into something stylish and beautiful for just the cost of paint and a little time.

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