Problems Solved with Uline Refrigerators

Need a specific refrigerator that can fit right into the interiors of your RV or boat?  Looking for a streamlined, space-efficient refrigerator-freezer combo?  Whether it’s for home, cabin, boat or RV, you can have your cooling problems solved with the different refrigerator sizes and designs from Uline.

Uline may not be as popular as other refrigerator brands like Frigidaire and Whirlpool but this brand is definitely one of the most reputable ones in terms of quality and innovation, operating in the refrigeration industry since 1962.  Four decades of reliable refrigerator designs and types and still counting!

Energy efficient and ADA height compliant, Uline has a large refrigerator portfolio to cater to your specific design requirements.  Uline refrigerators are available in different types and designs, all designed to fulfill specific refrigeration needs. Many of their quality refrigerators are listed below.

Types of Uline Refrigerators Available

  • Wine refrigerators – storage coolers for wine collections
  • Beverage coolers – an exclusive refrigerator for beverages
  • Glass door fridges – refrigerators that are designed with glass door features for convenient display purposes
  • Refrigerator drawers – fridges that are designed like drawers, best to be integrated in an
    Uline Wine Refrigerator

    Uline Wine Refrigerator from

    existing kitchen area

  • Ice makers and ice machines – one stop solution for ice, whether shaved, crushed or cubes.
  • Refrigerator-freezers – combo units that has both refrigerator and freezer compartments in one cooling system
  • Outdoor refrigerators – as the name implies, fridges that are precisely designed for outdoor built.
  • Commercial refrigerators – refrigerators that are made for commercial and professional settings
  • RV / marine refrigerators – special refrigerator types that are made for marine and RV applications

It’s not easy to find a single refrigerator brand that offers this wide range of refrigerator types. Uline refrigerator parts are also readily available for any repairs you may need to do. You can get lucky with Uline as this brand offers an all-inclusive solution to whatever specific design and technical requirements you need, whether it be a Uline wine refrigerator or just a small fridge for your boat or RV. A combination of form and function, any Uline refrigerator model is constructed to ultimately provide you quality cooling experience.

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