How to Install String Lights on Fences

String lights help to make your house look more festive during the holidays.  They add so much to a home; it is almost unbelievable how much they can change the ambiance of the night.  Putting up string lights is a simple task, but you should still plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need by the holiday season.  There are many places you could hang up string lights.  If you have a home with a fence around your lawn, this gives you the perfect place to display your holiday lights.  Putting outdoor string lights on a fence is easy.  Here is how it is done.

Plan Where to Put your String Lights

Plan your course of action.  Where do you want to hang the lights and how do you want them hung.  For example, you could hang them in a straight light right about in the middle of the fence, or you could hang them in loops from top going down about a foot a loop.  You can even experiment with a few designs and decide which one is best based on how it makes your house

Solar Powered 35-Foot String Lights

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look.   One of the best styles for hanging string lights on fences is looping them.  This is also one of the easiest ways to hang them on fences.

Decide Where to Power Your String Lights

The next step is to choose your power point.  You’ll need a heavy duty extension cable to run from your power outlet to the side of the fence.  You will also need a few extensions along the line if you want to string the lights all the way across a long fence.  Make sure the plug point you choose can handle the load of several long strings of lights.  If you have led string lights, the same technology used in led grow lights, you might be able to get away with a normal socket, but it is always best to use a socket that can hold a large load. There are also some good solar string lights on the market; with these lights you won’t need to worry about this step. If you have a fence that is far away from any power source, this might be the best way to go for you.

Fastening String Lights

If you have a fence with triangular tips you might not even need to fasten the outdoor string lights if you are planning on looping them across the fence.  All you will need is a box of string light hooks.  You can get these in Lowes or Home Depot, or at the same place you bought your lights.  Just look for hooks that you can tack onto fences.  Then all you will need to do is snap the wire from the string lights into the hooks into whatever position suits you best.

String lights can add so much to the look of your holiday decorations when they are hung properly, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are only for holiday times; they can be used as patio string lights any time of the year, or even deck or gazebo lights. They will certainly give your home a warm, inviting glow whatever time of the year you use them!

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