Solar Pool Covers: Benefits and Types

Grumbling about your backyard pool being so cold when you go for a dip and swim in it? Try using a solar pool cover. Solar pool covers absorb sunlight for your pool. They are equipped with tough and durable polyethylene material to absorb heat from the sun and retain it. The heat absorbed helps raise the water temperature to extend your swimming pool season. They also prevent water evaporation which causes heat loss and retains chemicals needed in maintaining your pool.  There are many different types of  pool solar covers which are outlined here to help you decide what type of cover is best for your needs.  Before deciding what type of cover you want, you should know about some of their benefits.

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Benefits of Solar Pool Covers:

  • Extends swimming time. Of course, the very purpose of buying this pool cover is to heat up your pool. There are times especially at night when the water becomes cold. You would not want to swim freezing in cold water that is why this kind of pool cover is designed for you. Families who use solar pool covers can usually extend their swimming season by at least 2 months.
  • Keeps the pool cleaner. This doesn’t literally mean that this cover provides some filter mechanism to clean the water but since it covers your pool, it keeps leaves, dusts, and other debris from getting into the water.
  • Saves money and time. Having this cover will keep you from using heaters that will cost you money to pay for electricity. Also, since it prevents debris to get into the water, cleaning up won’t be that much required.

Types of Solar Pool Covers:

  • Full Covers – This is for either in-ground or above-ground pools. It extends in all sides of the pool to avoid heat, chemicals, and water loss. Yet, this can be difficult to remove or put over by only one person.
  • Reel covers – These covers are on reels which make it easy to use even for only one person unlike the full covers. It has a mechanical device for easy rolling and unrolling of the cover.
  • Circular covers – These covers are easy to put over and remove. It considered safe to use when there are children and pets nearby since it is easy to fling to toss somebody out from the pool.
  • Vinyl covers – These contain insulation with insignificant weight for it to float over the pool water. It is more recommended to use since it last longer than other types of covers.

Swimming pool solar covers certainly have many advantages.  They will let you swim in your pool much longer each season, and will help keep your pool cleaner and will save you money by keeping pool chemicals from evaporating quickly.  You will spend as little as $25 for smaller pools, and up to $150 for larger pools to get all of these benefits.  Sounds like a bargain to me!

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