Small Japanese Soaking Tubs

A hot bath is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day and one of the only ways to truly have time to yourself without any fuss. A relaxing soak is the perfect way to relieve stress and just block out the outside world around you for a short time. Relaxation is hard to come by in our busy lives and a trip to the spa is usually out of the question because of not having the time or even the money, because of these circumstances Japanese soaking tubs have emerged and are one of the perfect tools at home for relaxation.

These small tubs come in many shapes ranging from circular, elliptical, rectangular, and square. Even though they’re small they’re still quite deep and can easily cover your body when you sit down in one. Because they’re so small it is easy to find a spot for one in any size bathroom without the Japanese soaking tub taking up too much room. The small tubs are made of wood so they need to be specially cleaned; the usual cleaning products to clean your shower or tub cannot be used as they are too harsh and can erode the nice wood. Your daily soaps and bath washes are also not a good idea to use in these tubs and even so you can still use essential aromatic oils to enhance your session in the tub and also to soften your skin.

The Japanese tubs now come in a variety of materials now, when before they were only made of Hinoki wood. Now they have evolved so they are made out of a range of synthetic and natural materials so they will match with any bathroom setting. Area rugs scattered around the tub can add to the ambiance and comfort of the bathroom.  The tubs uphold the tradition from Japan and have passed on the country’s values for relaxation; they’re being accepted across the world as an object of great value and worth.

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