Keeping Clean With A Shower Room

When needing to increase living space from areas that are currently unused in the home, there are many structures to consider to make the best use of the area.  For example if renovating the home’s basement to provide a guest room, theater room, or home office, adding a shower room can help to make the most of the currently unused space.  This structure is walled in and can be added any place that offers access to drainage and water.  Many homeowners prefer units that are freestanding due to the ease of installation.  If navigating the structure down the stairs is difficult, one of the units that is sold with a separate base and walls may be a better choice.  Shower room designs come in many shapes and sizes which can always be adapted to the space available.

The outdoor shower room can turn showering into a great experience.  Some of these rooms may be made of fabric like a tent while others are created for a more permanent situation.  Generally the outdoor shower is installed in a private area of the yard and may have an attached dressing room to

Shower Room

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increase privacy.  These units are a great addition by the swimming pool or spa to remove hair products and body oils before entering the water.

The portable shower room may be designed for either indoor or outdoor use.  This room offers a fiberglass base.  The structure is generally made of a metal frame along with curtains treated to resist bacterial growth.  The indoor unit offers a water mixer with attachments for both cold and hot water.  Some models feature a hand held shower head that is ideal for shampooing the hair and cleaning hard to reach body parts.  Some units are designed for use during construction projects that disrupt the normal facilities offered for occupants.  Other portable units are ideal for use when the family is on a camping trip or otherwise away from home.

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