Shower Rail: A Must Have Bathroom Accessory

A shower rail is one of those accessories that can really add the finishing touch to new look for your overall bathroom design. Whether you are doing a remodeling project or just updating your accessories adding the right shower rail can go a long way giving you the bathroom you have always wanted. Aside from that, shower rails have a practical purpose that can really help in preventing water from splashing all over your bathroom floor and provide the privacy you need.

The market today has a huge range of shower rail products that you can choose from. They come in different material, color and finishes and the most popular finishes are chrome and metallic. Metallic and chrome bathroom grab bars will work very well especially if you have matching chrome accessories such as curtain rings, taps and lighting. With this simple touch, you transform the look of your bathroom to something truly spectacular. Although, shower rails with a chrome finish are a little expensive compared to other types of shower rails. The average price probably ranges from $150 to $200 and the more expensive rails can go up to $350 to $500.

Shower rails come in many different style and you need to choose one that will suit your bathroom the most. The usual types of shower rails are the straight types where you can simply attach a shower curtain in a straight line. For corner baths and shower units, a curved shower rail will do the thing. For a free standing bath tub, however, the type of shower rail that I’d suggest using would be either a circular shower rail or an oval shower rail. Each shower rail will use different fittings (to secure it in place). The two main types here are rails that attach either to the wall or to the ceiling.

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