The Type of Wood to Look for in Second Hand Furniture

When out shopping for wooden second hand furniture, make sure you check on the type of wood each piece is made from before you buy.¬†Most second hand furniture stores will not have any information available about the type of wood the furniture they are selling; different types of wood have very different properties, so it pays to be able to judge a piece’s quality and durability before you part with your money.

Hardwoods come from trees with broad leaves that are dropped in the winter – despite the name, not all types of hardwoods are actually all that hard! When it comes to the hardwoods used in furniture construction though, solid hardwood pieces are fantastically durable and are likely to last you a lifetime.

Popular hardwoods for furniture include mahogany, maple and oak and, although the grain and general appearance varies across the different wood types, if you buy solid hardwood second hand furniture you can be confident that you’ll be taking home something of real quality that will last, whether it’s a coffee table or white bedroom furniture you’re after. Hardwood furniture doesn’t tend to come too cheaply, but it’s durability means that it really is worth spending more for it. Second hand furniture for sale that is made of hardwood can be a bargain if you shop wisely.

Mahogany Hardwood TV Stand

Mahogany Hardwood TV Stand from


Softwood comes from conifer type trees that have needle-shaped leaves – the most widely used when it comes to furniture is pine. It’s inexpensive, versatile and its knotty character can make it visually attractive, making it a popular choice generally. Do bear in mind though that the strength of softwood can really deteriorate over time, and it can be easily damaged and scratched. When it comes to second hand furniture, buying cheaper pieces made from softwood like pine furniture, can seem like great value, but used softwood furniture isn’t likely to stand the test of time, meaning you may well find yourself having to buy replacements before too long.

Pine Softwood Table

Pine Softwood Table from


So when it comes to shopping for wooden furniture at second hand furniture shops, estate sales, garage sales or auctions, it pays to make sure you buy something of quality that will last. Softwood furniture can be a good option if your budget is limited, but when buying used furniture it’s best avoided if possible as it’s likely to wear out and start looking tired pretty fast. Solid hardwood furniture is going to last you so much longer, resisting scratches and damage, so it really is worth paying the extra if you can – see it as an investment.

Tip of the Day:

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