How To Install Rubbermaid FastTrack

Are you wondering how to declutter your garage? Is there minimal standing space when your vehicle is parked inside? If so you might have heard of the FastTrack garage organizing system from Rubbermaid. This system makes it easy to hang all of your stuff up on the wall of your garage storage area.  It consists of a track that is hung at any height desired, and Rubbermaid storage components such as baskets, shelves, and hooks that snap onto the track. The Rubbermaid FastTrack system is easy to install, affordable and versatile – it will accommodate items totaling up to 1700 lbs!  Those wheelbarrows and heavy ladders will be a piece of cake for FastTrack to store safely out of the way. Now that you realize how much you need this great system for your home storage needs, how exactly do you install one?

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organization Kit

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Installation of the Rubbermaid FastTrack System

Installation is really very easy. There is no need to be macho to perform this job. Rubbermaid Fast Track installation can be done by anyone. You will need a few tools though.  Make sure you have the right ones on hand for the task before you start. This will include a level, a stud finder, drill bits in 1/8 and 3/8 inches, a drill, a screwdriver and a pencil. Feel free to slip the pencil behind your ear to achieve the ultimate ‘man/woman at work’ look. You’ll also need a tape measure.

You can look professional by standing at a suitable vantage point and spinning on the spot as you survey your garage. The point of the task – apart from looking really cool – is to figure out how much wall space you have for the rails, and how many Rubbermaid Fast Track accessories you could fit on them.  Better yet, measure the walls to see what size of rails can fit. Rubbermaid gives you 48 inch and 84 inch options. You should also measure out the height of the first horizontal rail. The height is determined by convenience and ease of reach, but you should also consider the height and weight of the stuff that will sit on the rail itself. Each rail must have at least four studs. Mark the railing position and holes with the pencil.

Think about the accessories that you’ll need. Do you need to have shelving, baskets, or hooks?  Maybe you will need a combination of all of those in order to get everything up and out of your way.  The beauty of this system is that you can “do it your way”, hanging the rails annwhere you need them, and in any configuration.  Hang the rails to allow for maximum loading, and use the stud finder to place them correctly. Pre-drill each hole using the 1/8 inch bit. Put the rail in place and secure the holes with screws and a drill.  Slip on the rail cover and snap on the hooks, shelves and other accessories as necessary, and voila, you are done installing the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage system!


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