Modern Roman Shades For Your Kid’s Room (Or Any Room in the House!)

When you are designing your children’s room, don’t settle for cheap window shades or blinds. Among the types of window shade available in the market, go for Roman shades. It is the logical choice for you kid because it is a combination of beauty and function. It will serve the room well and make the whole space look classy.

Modern roman shades would look nice on your child’s bedroom because it serves to increase the aesthetic value of the room. Imagine having all the best components: plush carpeting, expensive wall paper, all the proper lighting and fixtures, and

Roman Shades

Roman Shades from

furniture straight out of IKEA. If you’d opt to go for venetian blinds, you’d have wasted the potential of your room. Give it the righteous cherry on top that it deserves and try looking for stylish designs that matches your child’s taste.

If you are the type that likes to sew and make things for your home, you may want to know how to make roman shades.  There are many great patterns available from the big pattern companies, so all you need to do is take a trip to your local sewing center and look in the pattern books they have.  You will find easy-to-do patterns in many sizes that can be made up in fabric that will match the decor in your child’s room.  Fabric roman shades look great in just about any room.

Bamboo roman shades are one type of window shade you should consider for a child’s room also.  They are durable, easy to clean (just vacuum every so often), and will be a great insulator from both heat and cold entering the room. They will also look great for a room that has a safari or even a camping or outdoors-y theme to it.  Bamboo is a renewable resource, so it is a very environmentally sound choice as well.

The good thing about being a consumer nowadays is that purchasing objects is easier than it was a few decades ago. Instead of going to town to shop and look for possible things to purchase, one can merely surf the internet and check all the varieties of shades that he or she may desire. If you have no clue where to start, try looking up Hunter Douglas or Graber shades.

Tip of the Day:

Roman shades are also a great idea if you are looking for window treatments for sliding glass doors.  They are easy to install over the doors, and when they are pulled up you will have unobstructed access to your sliding doors.

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