Retro Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Old furniture seems to be outdated when homeowners think of decorating a home. But retro furniture is gaining popularity among the home owners whether the furniture is the model of previous decades, or simply made to have the desired retro appearance. It is not very difficult to design a retro room with a specific time period in mind. A bedroom is a great room for retro designing because it is the most personal room in the home. ¬†Below are some of the retro bedroom ideas which will help to change the dullest room in to delightfully “retro” room with a minimum of expense.

  • A great addition to have a retro look to any bedroom is a record player. The Crosley Company has been offering replica record players with antique woods finishes and chrome finishes since many years. The antique wood finishes are perfect to attain the 30s and 40s look while the chrome finishes give the look of the fifties. Many of them are available with a compact disc player which cannot be easily spotted.
  • The retro telephone is also a great item to add to the room. Most of the phones available in the market look like the old rotary dial models. Many have the push buttons placed in a ring that look like rotary phones of previous decades, and some are actually rotary dials. Some retro phones come with separate talking horn and separate ear piece which resembles the earliest of phones. The one you choose will depend on the time period you are targeting for your retro look. A room with sixties theme may have a phone with a shape of large red lips made from plastic, or maybe even a Mickey Mouse phone.
  • The third item suitable for retro design is the alarm clock which is useful as well as practical. You can opt for this type of clock with a numeric face and hands instead of a digital clock. Most of them have old time bells for alarm ringing. These clocks often tick in the retro style adding an auditory element which make the bedroom all the more convincing and more stylish.

Remember that a retro room doesn’t have to be just about the ¬†retro bedroom furniture, its the details that make it convincing!

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