Why Was The Concept Of Plantation Shutters Introduced?

When people wanted to have their windows covered in some way they had different types of choices which could have been used. People could have used curtains, as Roman shades were not available in those days or just left the windows closed, but they chose to introduce the concept of Plantation shutters, which offered them an opportunity to have some control over the amount of light, or air that they wanted to let in their place.

Plantation shutters also gave people an option where they could leave the windows open and yet be in a position to maintain a degree of privacy on the insides of their place. People could use the shutters as they wished, depending upon the type of weather, they encountered in a particular area. If people lived in a warm area, they could leave the windows open, but could close down the slats of Plantation shutters which would allow fresh air to waft in through the windows. On the other hand, people living in cooler climates could leave the windows closed and open up the shutters to enjoy the snow that had fallen outside.

This concept was introduced quite some time ago when people did not have the convenience of using air-conditioners or radiators to regulate the temperature inside the place. People in those days, also did not have any methods to control the amount of light that could be allowed in to the home. Plantation shutters proved to be the perfect foil against all types of weather as people could use them as all-weather window treatments.

These days people are using them for the same reasons as well as for their looks, but can have had them manufactured from material other than would which used to be manufactured from earlier. The usefulness of Plantation shutters has increased, ever since they were introduced for the first time. Not only are they being used for the purposes mentioned above, but have also proved to be a good combination of function and good looks, when used with Roman shades as well. Some may even consider installing cheap plantation shutters as mainly a decorative element in a home.  All things considered, even quality plantation shutters prices are not bad, considering the benefits they have for a home; namely privacy, insulation, and great looks!

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