Pink Curtains for Girls Bedrooms Go On Forever

Is there anything cuter than a little girl’s bedroom with pink curtains and pillows, and teddy bears or dolls everywhere? Every little girl needs her own space, whether that’s her own room or her own part of a room if she shares. There is no better way to make her feel special than to decorate it for her, and then allow her to hang her own pictures and posters, though, if you have a very young child, you’ll probably have to do all the hanging.

Kids grow up fast, and they change their taste in movies, toys, and everything else almost as fast as the seasons come and go. A little girl with dolls and bears on every surface will soon tire of that and want fairies all over the place. The fairies will suddenly be replaced by posters of whatever Disney princess is popular at the moment. Almost before the princesses go up, they’re replaced by a pop star. This is a cycle that will go on and on for the better part of two decades.

A little girl’s room needs to be a basic backdrop for her ever-changing tastes. White walls and pink curtains (for the “girlie” touch) are the essential must-haves, perhaps followed by a rug that matches the window treatments. These items make up a perfect frame for all the posters, toys, girls bedding, artwork, and craft projects that will come and go through the years.

Pink Curtains

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If you are careful to keep the walls neutral, and the curtains and rugs understated, they should last as long as your little girl is living under your roof. Bright, flashy colors such as hot pink curtains or character themed wallpaper and window curtains are expensive to replace every time your child finds a new favorite movie or song. With a basic backdrop of a room, you can transform it with other, less expensive items.

For instance, with neutral walls and light pink curtains, your daughter can get a bedspread, posters, and some pillows of her favorite character. With these prominent items, she suddenly has a room with a theme, and you only had to buy a few items, no painting required.

As she grows up, the cartoon characters will give way to walls weighed down with posters, photos, drawings, and magazine cutouts. The bed will have whatever color she loves at the moment and the teddy bears on a shelf will be replaced with a stereo or TV.

Those white walls are a great canvas for artistic expression, and you’ll never have to repaint the room because she is “so over” purple …and you’ll still have those pink curtains to remind you of the little girl that used to live there.

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