The Beauty and Utility of Pine Furniture and Pine Corner Cabinets

Many home designers are turning to traditional country wood accents for the purpose of offsetting the sometimes harsh lines found a contemporary modern designs. Adding a new pine corner cabinet is a clever way of combining old and new. The beautiful rustic look afforded by pine furniture easily brings a country touch to any home décor.

Pine cabinet furniture is available in a wide variety of finishes and colors that are sure to enhance any décor. In fact, the wide choice of stains and colors available is seemingly endless. From near black, to naturally occurring white, from rich coffee browns and muted greens, the number of colors available is almost unlimited.

An outstanding and versatile type of wood, pine has been used in the making of furniture for countless years. Simply adding a rustic pine corner cabinet can bring a welcome feeling of warmth and elegance to any room. A corner showpiece is easily created by adding additional accents such as a long candelabra, a or a ceramic pot filled with trailing ivy.

This addition is sure to draw the eye, while not detracting from the remainder of the room. Adding storage space or filling an empty, unsightly corner is easily done with pine cabinets. Available in different types and sizes, there is one sure to fit the difficult area to decorate. A hallway is ideal for a tall corner cabinet used to store linens, while the family room makes a great setting for a low cabinet designed to accommodate a TV with plenty of storage for games. Extra blankets are easily stored in a corner cabinet added to the guest bedroom.

A cozy breakfast nook transforms wasted space by simply adding a new corner piece to the dining room or kitchen. A traditional kitchen-gathering place can easily be created by the addition of a country rustic pine table, high backed benches and pine corner cabinets, leaving formal dinners and meetings for the dining room.

Open hand carved pine corner cabinets are often found in such diverse places as Mexico, where they are often used to showcase southwestern themed treasures and artic creations; and Pennsylvania, where intricately carved Amish pine cabinets used for centuries as traditional pine and bread safe, guard freshly baked breads and pies while cooling.

A new corner pine cabinet excels in bringing life to any dark room, while adding a measure of warmth to the contemporary, modern décor. The beautiful and charming corner cabinet adds the utility of extra storage space to the otherwise unused corner. A welcome addition, a rustic or elegant pine cabinet adds warmth and beauty that compliments any home.

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