What to Consider When Building a Patio with Patio Pavers

If you want to have a new patio in your yard, and are using paving stones as the material, there are a few things to keep in mind. While working with concrete pavers is quite simple on the surface, getting the job done right is actually more complex than you’d might expect. Here are some important things to keep in mind when working with patio pavers:

(1) The most important aspect of a great patio is the base on which the pavers are laid. If this base is faulty in any way, it will be reflected in how the final product turns out. For instance, don’t even bother installing a new patio over a preexisting concrete slab. As the concrete below cracks, so too will your patio. You’ll also be limited in your patio design options by restricting your base. It’s always better to get a new base installed that will support your project for decades to come.

(2) Another important aspect to consider when designing and preparing the patio area is the grade, or slope, of the final patio project. If the patio has no slope, water will pool on the surface, though some will seep through the joints as well. If the patio is sloped towards the house, water will flow in that direction, possibly causing floods. Thus, you want 1″ of drop per four feet of patio.

(3) Finally, take some time to consider all the paver options you have available. Look at the colors you can choose from, as well as the shapes and sizes of the brick, and figure out what will go best with your decor. In addition, if you are installing them yourself, you’ll want to pick pavers and a project design that will be within your skill level. A simpler, well-installed patio will beat a fancier but bad installation any day of the week.

Using patio pavers is a wonderful way to create a beautiful patio that will be a comfortable and enjoyable place for you and your whole family to relax.  Keep the tips above in mind when planning, and then all you will need to worry about is what color patio furniture covers you will want to complete your wonderful new patio.

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