Easy To Assemble Patio Covers and Carport Kits

Patio covers are almost a necessity in very sunny areas if you plan to do any outdoor activities.  Southern Patio makes one of the most unusual free standing patio covers in standard 10 feet square sizes. There are several models to choose, one with fancy wrought iron-like framework that can be additionally covered with mosquito screens or curtains, and other ones that are basic powder coated aluminum with canopies. Prices range from $140 to $250 and canopies can be selected in natural forest green or white free standing patio covers.

Bravo is another brand to keep in mind when shopping for free standing patio covers that work on a deck or in a garden. They cost just over $200 and come in various designer colors like blue and burgundy as well as green and white. These canopies are easy to assemble, come with everything required to use immediately and offer adequate protection from sun and light rain. Alumawood patio covers are also pre-engineered for ease of installation and are very durable. To assemble patio covers like this, tools like a drill, measuring tape, metal snips, and a table saw will be needed.

Patio covers that are free standing units that resemble gazebos are not usually suitable to double as carports. However equally affordable carport kits are sold through places like Home Depot who carry top products like the ones by Panther Creek. There are also several online dealers who offer assorted carport kits made by Shelterlogic and King Canopy, the two main companies that manufacture quality free standing covers and carports. All the kits come with legs or poles, steel frames, braces, feet, straps and everything required for easy assembly, so long as there are two men doing it. There is no need to have a cement slab unless you want the carport to be a permanent fixture.  Powder coated aluminum permanent carport kits will need to have a concrete slab under them, however.

I suggest shopping around online because some sites that carry the most popular Shelterlogic designs vary in price, from around $125 to over $200 for similar 10 by 10 shelters. If it’s summer when you start your carport project , you begin with a basic framework and an upper canopy, then later add side walls and flaps to create a full enclosure for winter months. Most wall paneling sets cost about $150, bringing the carport kits total cost to around $275 / $350, which is still a reasonable price considering the all season protection they’ll provide.

Tip of the Day:

The best thing about having a patio cover is that your patio furniture covers will be protected from excess wear and tear from the weather, so have fun picking out just the right covers to dress up your patio.  Outdoor string lights can also be used to brighten and accent your patio once you have it properly covered!

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