How To Make Outdoor Patio Chair Cushions At Home

A patio is a small area located just outside the residence or a building that is used for recreational, dining and other reasons. It can have the roof on top of it or be roofless. Your patio furniture can speak volumes of your taste so try designing it with a good style and taste. Outdoor patio chair cushions like wicker chair cushions can be added to the furniture to give a classy and comfortable outlook to the exterior of your house. Buying replacement patio chair cushions, even if they are clearance patio chair cushions, can get very expensive. You can make them fairly quickly and inexpensively yourself. You can keep on changing the style of your furniture just by changing the cushions.

Things Required to Make Patio Chair Cushions

Homemade outdoor patio chair cushions can be an economical choice for you and you can design the cushions according to your choice. You will need waterproof material since these will be outdoor patio chair cushions so as to prevent the cushions from extreme weather conditions. You will also need foam to stuff it inside the cushion, a measuring tape, zipper, pattern paper, strong thread to sew the cushion tightly, and a sewing machine.

Patio Chair Cushions Pattern

Patio Chair Cushions Pattern from

Steps to Make Your Patio Chair Cushions

Measure the length and width of the chair for the cushions so that they can fit in nicely and not droop down. Keep on adding foam to the cushions if you wish to make them thicker. You can also get the foam made from a shop by specifying the shape and dimensions. Cut the fabric according to the size that you measured. Try going for bright colored fabrics like reds and yellows as they are more in fashion and go will go well with your green lawn or white walls. Also add zippers to the cushions leaving 1 inch end free of the zipper. You can add patterns through the pattern paper or add borders of cloth available at a cushion store. Sew the fabric and the zipper in place. Now open the zipper and stuff in the foam that you got made previously.

Finishing Touches for Your Beautiful, Cheap Patio Chair Cushions

Now fix the cushion in place and test it by using it to make sure it is comfortable enough. You can even add hangings at the corner ends of the cushions to give the cushion a rustic look. In addition, incorporate outdoor propane patio heaters on your patio as well to warm you on cold days. It will be a great effort on your part, which will earn you many compliments from your guests and friends.

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