Reasons for the Popularity of Outdoor Kitchens and Flueless Gas Fires

Outdoor kitchens are popular nowadays because of the convenience they offer to occupants and the preference of families to cook and eat outdoors. Specifically, these outdoor structures allow you to enjoy in the open air. The evolution of outdoor kitchens has paved the way for their improvement which makes them more convenient.

Now that we established why such structures are popular, it’s now time to decide where these will be constructed. You have the option to build an outdoor kitchen closer to the indoor kitchen or near the garden or swimming pool. Selecting the site is very important as it can influence the design of the structure.  Outdoor kitchen designs can be found easily with a quick internet search.  You may want to consult an outdoor patio designs specialist if you would like custom designed outdoor kitchen plans.

There’s an advantage in building outdoor kitchens near the indoor one, which is the opportunity for the cook to prepare parts of the meal in the indoor kitchen. Meanwhile, structures built in the backyard will offer a better view and remote locations can offer greater privacy.  Remember that the type of patio furniture you choose for your outdoor kitchen can enhance your enjoyment of it, so choose furniture that will not only look stylish, but will be comfortable as well.  You may also want to include wireless speakers in your outdoor kitchen also, so that a separate radio or CD player is not necessary for the enjoyment of your favorite music outdoors.

On the other hand, another emerging trend in the cooking industry is the increasing popularity of flueless gas fires. These are the choice of homeowners who don’t have any chimney of flue. It works with the use of a single or double catalytic converter, which is capable of converting poisonous gases produced by the fire.

Flueless gas fires are now available in various models and styles, which mean that you can find one that will suit your kitchen. To further convince you that buying these gas fires is a smart choice, here are some of their benefits. Such gas fires do not require a chimney or flue, they are efficient as no heat is lost and they burn less fuel. They are also cheaper, can be installed easily, offer real flame and burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas or LPG.

With the popularity of outdoor kitchens and flueless gas fires, there is no doubt that cooking and eating will become more enjoyable.

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