DIY Solutions for Removing Blemishes on Oak Worktops

The good thing to know about an oak worktop is that it is very easy to restore it back to its natural beauty. Keep in mind that oak is very sensitive to natural elements, which can leave water stains and marks. Oak worktops can easily be damaged especially when handled without care. With the proper materials, these worktops can be restored as if they were brand new.

Keep in mind that there are a couple of things that you will need when you wish to restore wood. For example, in order to repair scratches, it is necessary to use 240-grit sandpaper while rubbing it on the damaged area. It is also advisable to apply wood oil on the surface of the wood to bring back its shine, such as the one pictured below.  This type of oil will work on other items in your home like pine coffee tables and desks, and even wood bunk beds for kids.

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A good technique known to remove dents on oak worktops is to use water by applying drops of waterto the dented area. With the application of a hot iron to the area, the dent will begin to be lifted out. Repeat this process over again until the dent is completely gone and the desired results are met. You should know that this process can leave the worktop discolored, which is why the use of sandpaper is necessary to bring out its original color.

Lastly, you cannot prevent black stains from happening on the wood surface, especially when a solid oak worktop is handled without care. These stains can occur when cast iron skillets are left unattended on the worktop. Oak kitchen worktops are an easy candidate for such stains, which is why using an oxalic acid and water mixture will definitely do the job by removing these unwanted stains. A brush can be used to apply the solution, and remember to use sanding paper to even out the color of the worktop. This procedure can be done on your own as long as you have the right materials at your disposal.

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