Advantages and Disadvantages of Nova Foam Mattress

Nova foam mattress came into being from the innovation of experts at NASA in 1960s. Till today these mattress are used worldwide due to their resiliency and reasonable price. Nova foam mattresses have a lot of variety; depending upon your needs, health problems and budget you can buy anyone of them.  Here are some of the styles available:

Nova foam king mattress

Nova foam comfortluxe mattress

Nova infinite comfort

Nova elite mattress

Nova twin mattress

Nova queen mattress

Along with a mattress, toppers or covers give a complete look to your bedroom. There are some advantages of Nova foam mattress but on opposite side it also has some disadvantages which can’t be overlooked.

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress from

Advantages of Nova Foam Mattress:

  • Compared to innerspring mattress, Nova foam mattresses are far more superior in providing you the overall support you need for restful slumber and do not apply pressure on hips and shoulders because I contains high density foam material.
  • The futons generally do good job at being both a comfortable sofa and comfortable bed.
  • Mattress supports foam molds to your body shape.
  • It is resistant to dust mites.
  • It is good for side and back sleeping.
  • Recommended to the people who have trouble sleeping or wake up with back pain or pain in their joints.
  • Effective for people who remain in bed for unusual long period of times, as they can prevent bed sores and other circulation problems.
  • Its cover come with non-skid, washable and is hypoallergenic. It makes maintenance and clean up much easier.
  • The mattress offer a limited 5 years warranty.

Disadvantages of Nova Foam Mattress:

  • Initially weird smell produced by off-gassing foam, when the mattress is new.
  • Concern over chemicals used in manufacturing process.
  • Mattress firmness can be too hard.
  • Temperature sensitive foam can become too hard in colder environment and can be too soft in a warm room.
  • Complaints of sleeping hot and also give sensation of sleeping in mud or quicksand.
  • Unless you leave the futon in the bed position permanently, you will need to transform it. After some time, the daily chore of this may grow tiresome.
  • Futons can be lower than conventional beds which will require more effort and strength to get up from lying on them.
  • Unlike air beds and water beds, Nova foam mattresses offers no adjustable firmness, unless mattress topper that would be suitable is purchased along it.
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