Metal Shelving Can Hold the Weight in the Garage

Eventually the day rolls around when the garage is completely filled with loose items and it is impossible to even think about pulling in the family car to protect it from inclement weather. The irony, of course, is that the garage is designed expressly for the car, but the mounting broken kitchen appliances, seldom used lawn tools, outgrown kids tricycles and impossible to accurately identify piles of clothing and books have taken charge. In order to reclaim the garage space it will be necessary to acquire and install shelving space, and metal shelving is the best option for the task at hand.

Industrial shelving is made from steel because it is intended for use in warehouses and other work places that contain or produce heavy objects. For example, this type of shelving would be appropriate for a record storage facility that produced many very heavy boxes filled with paper documents which must be stored for years. Obviously, the contents of a garage could easily include objects that weigh a lot and need be kept around for decades. The durability of these kinds of garage storage cabinets and their ability to hold hundreds of pounds on the shelves as a result of their tensile strength makes them a solid choice for the task of straightening up the garage.

The industrial process of manufacturing metal shelving has reached the point today that it can be produced in almost any size or shape. In the case of open, six-tier shelving units it is possible to purchase them two at a time and join them with overlapping metal struts on the backs so that there are twelve available metal shelves ready for a variety of items at once. Further, these garage storage units do not take up very much space since they are only forty eight inches wide and eleven feet tall. Once the initial step is taken to recover the space in a residential garage it will become easier to understand how metal shelves can reduce the clutter and make it possible once more to drive the car in out of the rain.

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