Get Pain Free Sleep With A Mattress Topper or Mattress Pad

For many years, we believed that the home furniture industry should release extra firm mattresses. And of course, more support means a firmer mattress. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean better support. This is because not everyone needs the same degree or type of support while we sleep. Some people sleep on their backs, some on their stomach, while a lot of us sleep on our side. Each sleeping habit requires a bed with a different amount of firmness in order to be comfortable. Buying the right mattress to start with is always the best thing to do if possible. However, adding the right mattress pad to an existing bed can greatly improve your sleep without spending a lot of money.

There are many affordable mattress pads and toppers available, and choosing the right one for you can be as confusing as buying a totally new mattress. They come with a variety of shell fabrics and at a range of prices. You need not be too concerned about the type of fabric or color as long as it provides a degree of strength.  Popular choices available are cotton, and more recently, bamboo covers are becoming

Mattress Pad

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very popular due to their softness and their”green” quotient, since bamboo is a very environmentally friendly material.  The fill material in the bed topper is what’s important. Also try getting a heated mattress pad for those times when you need extra warmth, or want to ease sore muscles.

A mattress topper is usually filled with one of three materials: natural wool or feathers, plastic or polyfill, and memory foam, or latex. Traditional toppers filled with natural materials such as feathers or wool were, for many years, the only materials used to provide great comfort to users. Plastic materials gained popularity later on and they have been improved, but many users have complained that they are too warm for use in hot weather. However, they have remained popular because they offer comfort at an affordable price. In recent years, foam mattress toppers have become the best choice as far a comfort and also affordability.

When choosing a mattress topper or mattress pad, keep in mind that it will take up more room inside your fitted sheet.  You may need to choose bedding accordingly, to make sure the fitted sheet will fit and not keep popping off, especially if your mattress is one of the newer mattresses that can be 18 inches thick, or sometimes even thicker.  Sheets that come with king size comforter sets and other “bedding sets” are often not sized to accommodate the added bulk of a mattress pad, so definitely be aware that you may need to get new sheets if you add a topper to your bed.

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