Redesign A Home Theater System with LCD Wall Mounts

When it comes time to changing around your home entertainment system, you may want to think about starting with one of the different types of LCD wall mounts that are available. These are perfect for helping you get rid of your old entertainment cabinet, and freeing up some of the floor space that it took up.

Ask yourself a few questions to make sure that the wall mount you are considering for purchase is right for your home theater system:

How Much Does Your Flat Screen Television Weigh? – When you are dealing with a heavier flat screen television, you are going to have to do a bit more planning to make sure that it gets mounted safely to ensure that the television, and nobody else gets hurt if it should fall.

What Material Was Used To Construct Your House? – Depending on how your house was built, whether using wooden framing and sheet rock, or concrete walls, you are going to have to map out the amount of work that is going to be required. Concrete houses are going to take a lot more to mount the television than a wooden framed house will.

How Are You Going To Want To Mount The Television? – Depending on whether or not you want the television hanging from the ceiling, extending out from the wall, or mounted flush against the wall, different mounting brackets are going to be better for you, and may require even more work.

Will You Want To Make The Wires Disappear? – Hiding the wires is crucial to a clean looking home entertainment center. If you are planning to hide the wires you will need to make the holes into the wall and the outlets before you hang the television, to make sure that you are able to cover them up properly.

If you are tempted to buy cheap LCD wall mounts, these questions are especially important to ask yourself.  Always make safety your first concern when it comes to mounting heavy home theater system electronics on a wall.  Making sure you have the correct LCD wall mounts for your television will ensure that your home theater system will be safe, and your family can enjoy all of their favorite movies, television shows and music for years to come!


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