5 Things To Check When Buying Latex Foam Mattresses

There has been a lot of raving about latex foam mattresses as an alternative to memory foam mattresses and those that use other types of foam materials, but are latex mattresses all they’re claimed to be? Despite all the purported benefits, one latex mattress can differ from another quite considerably. If you’re looking to find the best one for your budget, then you’ll want to take these five buying tips into account.

1. Buy from a reliable manufacturer – Ensure you check out which mattress manufacturer specializes in creating beds made of latex. There is a greater chance that if making latex beds is their speciality, that the bed will be of higher quality. Also be sure to check out their warranty terms with your purchase.

2. Choose an authentic latex mattress – Generally there are both genuine latex mattresses and mattresses that contain synthetic latex. Some people opt for synthetic latex due toe the fact that they are afraid that natural latex will cause allergic reactions. This fear is not based on reality however as genuine latex does not contain the proteins that cause allergic reactions. For this reason this type of mattress is ideal for using in kids bed frames such as bunk beds for kids, as young children are more sensitive to allergies and other such problems.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Foam Mattress from Amazon.com

Latex is made from a material that is similar to rubber gloves, so if you do not suffer when wearing gloves, a mattress made from latex material should be fine.

3. Check for “holes” – A genuine latex bed features “holes”, which are actually open cells that help the foam conform to the contours of your body shape when lying down. If you seek a mattress with a firmer comfort level, then look for one with smaller holes, or larger holes if you seek something softer.

4. Ensure your purchase has the right density level – Selecting a mattress of the right density level is essential. Latex is generally softer than an equivalent high-density memory foam mattress, which makes them ideal for people who suffer from lower back pain. As a rule of thumb it is usually advisable to seek out a latex bed with about four pounds of density.

5. Look for a mattress with a Dunlop base and Talalay top – There are two types of methods for creating synthetic latex foam, the Dunlop and Talalay methods, the debate as to which is better has been going on for some time. Both are beneficial in their own ways. Dunlop is firmer so is better performing at the base and ensures that your mattress will not sag so easily. Talalay latex is better on top as it is softer and so provides more cushioning and protection to the crucial areas of your body.

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