Creating A Lace Valance

Different window treatments exist that are unique but considered one of the most delicate and sophisticated looking one is the lace valance. Lace valances for windows can be found at retailers and online stores in many different varieties but it is possible to create them by hand, as well.  Whether you want to create a lace valance to match your corner sofa or you want one to go with your sliding doors window treatments, making a lace valance is quick and easy.

The first thing that you will want to decide upon is the type of lace that you want to use. You can choose to purchase the lace material on its own or even choose to make a heirloom piece into a window covering.  After deciding what type of lace you want, you will need to measure the width and the length of the window that you want to cover.  For a gathered look you will need to triple or even double the length of the fabric.  Use sharp scissors when cutting the lace because it is fairly easy to snag.

After cutting the piece of lace for the valance you will want to complete the valance so that it will prevent any damage or even fraying to the fabric. This process can be done with hem tape, a seam, or even a serger. Create or sew a hem on each side of the lace valance preferably smaller and on the top of the lace valance. If you want to create a wider hem you should turn down the top of the lace to create that effect. You will want to hem the bottom according to the length that they want it to be.

There is an easier way for creating lace valances that is better for beginners. Start out the process by creating a wide casing at the top of the lace piece that they want to use for their lace curtain valances. Then sew up the hem for the bottom. You can then add ribbon to the lace and use that as a way for the rod to go through and hold up the valance.

Whether the lace valance that an individual purchases has sentimental values or is store bought, the care of these valances should be done often. Due to the delicacy of the lace fabric the cleaning of this valance must go through a gentle process. Wash the lace valance in lukewarm water to cold water, using a very mild detergent, and using the gently cycle on their washing machine.

A lace valance can create a wonderful look towards a home but they do need extra care when cleaning. These window valances will help to add a sophistication to your home.  When hung over sheer voile curtains, a lace valance lends a very elegant look to any room.  Your friends and family will admire them and you will be so proud of your new lace valances!

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