Getting Started With Koi Pond Filters

If you would like to spend more time in your garden relaxing, consider creating your own Koi pond. The fish are beautiful to watch and can become hand tame allowing you to feed them up close. They will greet you whenever you step into your garden and make your world so much more special. They are intelligent fish and won’t take long to recognise their owner. You must have a very large pond to accommodate them though as they grow very large and need space to move around properly, and having a large pond means that you will need to use Koi pond filters in order to keep it clean and sparkling.

Your pond should offer upwards of 1,000 gallons of water in order to keep your Koi happy. For each additional Koi consider adding another 100 gallons onto your water volume. You can purchase a suitable Koi pump and filter system at your local pond retailer or garden centre. There are a variety of different Koi pond filters and pumps to choose from so you could probably use some specialist advice.

The filter should have a volume of 33% and upwards of your pond’s complete water capacity. If your pond has 1,000 gallons then you should choose a pond filter which is at least 330 gallons.

All In One Koi Pond Filter System

All In One Koi Pond Filter System from

This is very important when you have a very large pond, as you will need a large flow rate from your filter. The water will pass through quickly then and will be easy to be kept clean and healthy.

You must check and clean out your filter regularly. Debris needs to be removed and the media must be cleaned in pond water in order to operate properly. If you don’t clean your filter out enough, the flow rate will drop and the water won’t be cleaned adequately. You will probably have to clean it out every few weeks and it is easy to do so it should not become a chore. Buy a very good quality koi pond filter system as it has to be in working order 365 per year in order for your fish to survive. They need clean water every day so their oxygen intake isn’t compromised and so they can stay free from disease. Using homemade Koi pond filters is not really recommended unless you are very experienced with Koi ponds and managing the water quality.

Having a Koi pond as part of your overall backyard patio design is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things you can do for yourself and your family! You will find yourself looking forward to feeding time, and you may even have to compete with your children for the chance to actually feed your fish. Even if you only get to stand and watch at feeding time, you will find yourself becoming mesmerized as you watch your Koi glide gracefully around the pond. Choosing Koi pond filters and pumps is not rocket science, but you definitely need to make sure you are using the correct ones to ensure the health of your Koi and to keep your pond sparkling clean.

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