The Best Tips on How To Do Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

You may feel dissatisfied with your kitchen after you have enjoyed it for many years. This is in part because some appliances or cabinet doors show sings of aging. But it may also be that you are simply bored and just want a change. Unfortunately, a complete makeover can easily cost you a few thousand dollars. Unless you have access to some decent savings, you need to come up with some smart ideas to re-design your kitchen and accomplish the mission of kitchen remodeling on a budget.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling 101: Where to Start

Let’s start with the cabinets and cabinet doors. You can reface them instead of getting brand-new kitchen cabinets. This probably has the biggest savings potential for savings when it comes to kitchen remodeling cost, and you can create a different look as well. A great idea for example would be to replace wood doors with glass doors. This creates a very open perspective into your shelves that many modern kitchen rooms often advertise. Broken knobs or handles are also available from home improvement centers.

Kitchen Light

Kitchen Light from

Another idea where you might start are kitchen countertops. These can be bought in various shapes, sizes and patterns in pre-cut panels. And it doesn’t have to be a wooden countertop. If your budget permits, feel free to choose granite or cultured marble. Solid surface countertops are less expensive than granite and even cultured marble and the technology has become so good these days that sometimes you can’t tell the difference in them and real granite until you feel them (granite will feel cool to the touch). You can even build an L-shaped or U-shaped work surface if you require more space.

A Few More Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

  • A cheap way of introducing a fresh look is to experiment with the lighting. Lighting can have dramatic effects on the room’s atmosphere. If you prefer stronger light, try halogen spots or some sort of under the counter indirect lighting.
  • Add some decorative elements to your kitchen. For example, a tile backsplash is a great place to start. You can replace single tiles or over-paint them with artwork. There are some very nice metal backsplash tiles available now also that are very easy to install, and they can even be used to cover up unsightly ceramic tile that has lost its luster or may be cracked or even just out-of-date looking.
  • Finally, you would be surprised at what a difference you can make in the look of your kitchen by just replacing the kitchen cabinet knobs with new ones.  Match them to your kitchen curtains or window treatments for sliding glass doors, and your whole kitchen will seem brand new.

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