Things to Consider When Buying Integrated Washing Machines

When it comes to washing machines, most people have a pretty standard image that comes to mind.  A rather unattractive medium sized appliance that does its job, but does not really do much to add to the overall look of the room.  Today, integrated washing machines are gaining in popularity.  This is not so much because they are attractive, but rather, because they have the ability to become virtually invisible when they are installed properly.  With that said, there are some challenges to keep in mind if you are considering one of these washers.

These machines are a wonderful way for homeowners to blend their existing home designs with the latest technology in washing machines.  You will probably have a bit of trouble finding cheap integrated washing machines, since these are built to blend perfectly with the surrounding cabinetry. They can be a bit of a challenge to install if you are not particularly handy with advanced

Amana Washer

Amana Washer from

do it yourself projects.  Putting in an integrated washing machine is not just a matter of cutting out a big enough hole.

Just as with any washing machine, provisions must be made to get water to and from the machine.  With a standard machine, it is expected that hoses will be seen.  When using an integrated machine, all of the hoses will be tucked away within the enclosed space where the washing machine resides.  Once in place, this is not too much of a concern, unless there is a leak.  Getting things in place properly to begin with can be a bit of a challenge however.

Another concern is providing proper ventilation for the machine.  Washing machines produce heat when they operate.  Because these machines are snugly fit into an enclosed space, it is vitally important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, and leave a sufficient amount of space around them for air to circulate.  Also, if any other ventilation requirements exist for your particular machine, do not take the risk of ignoring the advisory.

Integrated washers are a great way to blend form and function in your homes décor.  Don’t make the mistake however of buying one of these machines without properly planning for both its location in your home and the logistics of how the machine will be installed.  If you have any doubts, ask the store selling the machine if an optional installation service is available, and familiarize yourself with washing machine troubleshooting to ensure that you can take care of your machine properly.

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