The Basics of Installing Sod

Installing sod is not as easy as some people might assume it is. It requires some essential preparatory steps before you can do the actual installation. If you want to know how to lay sod, then you should do some research and do it properly and carefully. These includes selecting the appropriate sod which is best suited for your lawn, prepping it for the installation and determining as well as handling everything with regards to the soil you are using. Remember, you can never go wrong if you follow instructions properly.

Preparation for Laying Sod

Before doing the installation, of course, you have to pick the best sod. Making sure that the soil is free of any kind of defects and is disease-resistant is important. It matters to know the sod suited for your lawn. These may vary so guidance and recommendations would certainly be very beneficial for this purpose.

To prepare your lawn for the sod, till the soil and remove all unwanted weeds and grass using a herbicide. This will destroy the old grass and will give way to the new lawn to establish itself.

Sod Lifter Tool

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Managing the Soil

A good soil equals good quality so this step should be managed well. Haul out any rocks or materials which are unnecessary, mix in some fertilizer with it and water it thoroughly to give it a moist base. The lawn soil should be healthy and ready for the sod. If necessary you can also choose to mix additional top soil with it.

Sod Installation Process

Once you’ve done all the prep work, the actual sod installation procedure begins. Get on with installing sod as soon as it is delivered to get good results. But if this does not happen, house your sod under a shade or keep it moist so as not to ruin it.

Set up along a straight line such as a porch or sidewalk but arrange the sod as if you’re placing them in a brick by brick pattern. Do not leave any gaps in between and remember to pull the sod lines just as close as possible. Take out any unnecessary materials that may detriment the sod such as nearby branches. Tuck the sod firmly on the ground as well.

What’s Next?

Afterwards, water it immediately. Now, your aim is to make the sod grow roots and make sure that it will survive. To do so, keep the lawn moist by watering it at least twice in the next two weeks. Rooting takes quite a bit of time so you should take good care of it properly.

Installing sod is rigorous but everything will be worth it. If prepared well and done right, you’re certain to get the best results and a wonderful lawn to look at.

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