The Infrared Grill: A New Type of Grill

There are so many different types of ways to make a  barbecue these days that it can actually make your head spin. There are the old fashioned grills that use charcoal briquettes in a very simple and easy to set up system. Even though there are so many newfangled types of grills those are still being used by the old die hards. There are of course, the gas grills of which the  coleman roadtrip gas grill is a popular one to take on camping trips. Then there are the people who have a built in grill. One of newer types of grill is call an infrared grill.

What is an Infrared Grill?

It is definitely a newer type of system and works differently that the other types. It has special burners which directs the flame from a regular gas burner onto a tile that is ceramic. What this does is convert the heat into infrared energy which goes from the tile to

Char Broil Infrared Grill

Char Broil Infrared Grill from

your food.  This makes it very, very hot, much hotter than a typical gas grill and of course, than your charcoal grill.

The biggest benefit of the infrared grill is that it cooks things much faster than the other grills. This locks in the juices and the flavors of your meat and still keeps the caramelizing on the surface. the newer infrared grills can also have a temperature range so that if you have some food that will not do well with such high heat then you can lower it and cook it with a gentler touch. The Char Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Grill has is a very popular choice for those wanting to make the jump into infrared outdoor cooking without making a huge investment.  If you look at Char Broil Infrared grill reviews, this one stacks up very favorably.  It is a portable infrared grill, so it will be very adaptable to different situations and can be easily moved wherever you want it to be.

Any time something new comes out you are always going to find those that buy it right away like the newest toy. There are also those however, that will always stick to the old fashioned way of doing things like using a charcoal grill and who have a very hard time changing over to newfangled ideas and practices.  Of course using a charcoal grill or a natural gas grill is still a great way to do your outdoor cooking; but if you are resistant to change, maybe an infrared grill might just change your mind about how to cook outdoors!

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