How To Hang Pictures on Concrete Walls

Decorating your home can involve displaying trinkets, trophies, and other items you have collected over the years. Hanging artwork is also a great way to add a sophisticated flair to your home, and is a process that is fairly straightforward if your walls are either made of wood or already have convenient hanging points on them. However, attaching items to solid stone walls does require some special steps and equipment. Read on to learn how to hang pictures on concrete walls and on other hard-surface walls.

The only way to achieve a strong anchor in stone is to drill a hole into which a bolt or screw can be inserted. Because drilling into stone is a fairly invasive process you will not want to make any mistakes here. Get somebody to help you to hold your artwork against the wall and decide exactly where you want it before you mark your drill points. A special masonry drill bit (easily available from any hardware store) and an electric drill will be required, preferably one with a hammer drill function. You will find the drilling process is fairly noisy and will inevitably create dust and grit, so

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it’s a good idea to either lay down a protective plastic sheet or to have a vacuum cleaner on hand to clean up the mess immediately. A 6 mm drill bit is the generally recommended size for sinking anchors into brick or concrete.

With the drilling process out of the way, the next step is to fasten your anchor. The easiest way to do this is to hammer either a wooden or plastic dowel into the hole, and then simply screw your anchor into this. As the self tapping screws enters the plastic or wood it will cause it to expand, effectively jamming it tightly into the hole to create a very strong bond.

Keep in mind that the above process is only applicable to fairly heavy piece of art such as paintings, large framed photos, or other artefacts. Smaller items like clip frames which are designed to hold small photographs can often be attached using little more than adhesive tape, to achieve satisfactory results under most circumstances.

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