How To Clean a Log Home

Cleaning log homes can present special challenges that owners of homes with drywall or plaster interior walls do not face.  For most of those types of homes, the interior wall spaces are either washed down with water and mild soap or simply repainted. One does not have to be too creative to figure out how to clean them. But a luxury log home is a little bit different.

Most log home plans usually come with high ceilings. Many log home floor plans come with a gabled cathedral of twenty-two feet or more and it is not easy to reach up that high. The first step in keeping it looking bright and new on the inside is choosing a light colored stain. This reduces the amount of dust that shows up. The second step was to get a really good step ladder so that it is easy to climb up to reach. Then take a non linty rag and wipe the surfaces of the logs. Sometimes it also works to spray the logs with a mild wood polish such as Pledge. Then wipe the logs.

If it has been a very long time since the logs have been cleaned or right after the construction of the home is finished, there may be more dust built up on the logs. In these cases it may be important to

The Log Home Maintenance Guide

The Log Home Maintenance Guide from

use a mild cleaner such as hand soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. Spray the logs and then wipe them. This process may need to be done a few times. Then to prevent streaks left on the logs or a dusty film, you my have to spray the furniture polish on it once again.

Another option is to vacuum the dust off of the logs. A good time to do this is when you vacuum your window treatments for sliding glass doors. Some small dust busters or shop vacs can do a fairly good job of this. The hardest is to reach the tops of the logs. The upper levels are curved and it is hard to get up there with the hose to effectively vacuum it. I have found best solution for this was the special attachments that come with specialty vacuums such as a Kirby. The forty-five degree angle elbow matched with a long extension hose, and a brush on the end works really well. With the use of this combination you do not have to climb nearly as high on the ladder to reach the upper logs.

Log home living is great, except for when it comes time to clean those beautiful logs.  Luckily, interior cleaning of a log home only has to be done once a year or less. If climbing ladders and vacuuming off logs is not easy for the homeowner, it is not a bad idea to hire a someone to come and do it for you. Keeping the logs clean and dust free makes them look like they are brand new. Removal of this dust also helps to keep a cleaner environment inside the luxury log home.

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