Entry Hall Tables for Your Home

Entry hall tables make a statement about your home.  They are often the first pieces that you see when you enter and can even set the style tone for your space.  For example, antique hall tables will suggest to visitors that your home is a warm, cozy place filled with antique treasures from long ago. This is the table that you use to put your keys on when you come in, ready to settle into a night of ease after a day of work or long day of errands. To fully appreciate what these tables can do for you, consider how they tame clutter. This table can give you a place to drop your stuff before it enters your bedroom dresser or kitchen table. These tables give you a way to keep those ‘deeper recesses’ of your home uncluttered and free to look the way they were designed.

When searching for entry hall tables that one might find for their home, a few common choices arise. We all know that wood, glass and metal are easy to find and readily available at a variety of online and local retailers. The question is what type of table

Hall Table

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do you want to use in your space? What width are you looking for?  Very narrow, oblong, or even oval?  If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, then consider some of the more custom looks. These could be hand crafted pieces made of recycled items,

unique wood or local craftsman designs.  There is an urban design or re-purposed trend in home accessories, like end tables and other decorative elements that coincide with our desire to have a more ‘green’ home.  There are very unique looking glass styles that have a more fluid shape to them, as well.

Some of these same ideas and designs can also be appreciated in the bedroom.  Aside from the wood, glass and recycled choices mentioned, have you ever considered mirrored furniture for your nightstands or dresser? If not, you may want to look into these as they are trending in popularity. They are just as readily available as any other modern furniture and they give you a punch that a simple wooden piece does not.

Think about what your bedroom could look like with a mirrored headboard or nightstand. With an appropriate lamp, this could be a great look for your bedroom. As is the case with all furniture, bedroom or otherwise, there needs to be complementary bedding, flooring, artwork and a color palette to achieve a well balanced look.

When it comes to hall tables, you’ve selected a great item to consider adding to your home; from as little as  $50 to upwards of several hundred dollars, you can enhance the beauty of your home with one of these entry tables on any budget.

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