Options for Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile grout is a tough job that has to get done a regular basis if you want the quality of your tile floors and resale value of your home to stay high. It is only one of the unpleasant but necessary household chores that a homeowner has to do. There are several ways you can accomplish your grout cleaning, though. Some require a lot of your time and effort while others only require a check book.

The first option that you have for grout cleaning is to do all the work yourself with grout cleaning tools you already have at your disposal like a scrub brush. With the right technique and the right cleaning agents, a regular grout cleaning schedule can lead to beautiful clean tile grout lines that will look like new when you are ready to sell your house down the road. Even though the first few grout cleaning sessions will be a lot of hard back breaking work, if you keep up with the schedule the subsequent cleanings will not be. This method is cheap, but it does require that you put in a lot of time on house cleaning.

Your second option for grout cleaning in the home is a happy medium between brute force and throwing money at the problem. You can rent grout cleaning equipment to help you with the grout cleaning process every once in a while. You will have to spend some money of the grout cleaning machine rental, but you will only need the rental every few weeks. The machine will do most of the work, you just have to operate it. That gets you out of the physical part of your commitment but not the time part. Grout cleaning machines use the power of steam to soften and break up deeply set in grout dirt. Steam cleaning grout is also good because the steam is hot enough to kill any bacteria that might be lingering. But you still have to run that machine slowly over the entire tiles surface so that the heavy duty scrub brushes can do their work.

A third option for making sure that your tile grout stays clean and presentable is to hire professional grout cleaning services. A house cleaning company that specializes in carpet and floor cleaning will have the right kinds of grout cleaning equipment to clean almost any grout no matter how dirty it is. This option is obviously the most hands off because all you have to do is hire someone, but it is more expensive than the other options. The cost will depend on the size of the room, the type of room, and how dirty the grout is to begin with.

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