Buying A Futon To Save Space

There are loads of different uses for futon beds and there are so many different types of futon mattress available that finding the perfect spot at home for one is easy. If you have to live in a dorm, or even in an apartment then spare living space will be in short supply. The Japanese have used simple futon mattresses to solve their space problems for many years, they make every room at home a multi purpose room, in the West we have used futon beds in small rooms for many years.

If you use a futon you can easily turn a dorm or apartment into a larger feeling space. If you use a futon mattress you can fold it up and store it away when you are done sleeping on it. By adding a futon frame to the mattress you can easily fold it up into a sofa during the day when you are not sleeping on it. The sleeper sofas that many people used to use are known for being big, bulky and hard to work.

Futons on the other hand are easy to raise and lower and are very comfortable either way, the same cant be said for sleeper sofas. If you put a futon in your living room then it turns it into an extra bedroom, this is perfect if you have people over to stay. Beds like this are perfect for teenagers rooms as well, and also dens or studies too, meaning you don’t need a full sized bed in there all the time.

It couldn’t be easier to buy a futon mattress or frame. Most furniture stores will stock a number of them and so do the big box stores. The internet is a fantastic resource, you can compare brands and find what local stores sell them, saving you a lot of time and energy searching round all the stores.

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