The Benefits Of Fireplace Doors

With the ever-increasing cost of oil and propane, many people use fireplaces to save on home and office heating expenses. Fire is a dangerous element, though, so there are several steps that have to be taken to protect against potential hazards and unforeseen events. Mandatory precautions are in place to ensure that fireplaces in a work or home environment are safe. One such safety measure is the installation of fireplace doors.

Fireplace doors create a protected area in front of the fire where one can sit and enjoy the warmth and dancing flames without risk of injury. Doors also allow users to leave the room without worry of flying embers landing on the floor or hearth mat and possibly causing a fire. By creating a safe environment, the fireplace can heat a home or business more effectively with less risk. If you have carpet or area rugs anywhere near your fireplace, fireplace doors are a must!

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

Along with being a safety feature, fireplace doors can also add aesthetic value to any room. Doors come in a wide array of styles and designs suited for any setting. Some of the varieties to choose from are cabinet style, rectangular, arched, glass, magnetized or wrought iron. Doors are included with most new fireplace mantel purchases.

Fireplace doors have a mesh inner-piece and an outer glass piece. The inner piece is used when the fireplace is being used to allow the heat to better escape into the room. When the fireplace is not in use, fireplace screen doors help prevent loss of hot or cool air up the chimney by as much as 90%, saving energy and heating costs.

Whether the fireplace is at home or at the office, getting a fireplace door makes sense. Not only do they provide safety, but they are also visually pleasing and cost effective. In short, fireplace doors are a must for anyone with a fireplace.

Tip of the Day:

To complete the look of your fireplace doors, get a matching set of fireplace tools to keep on the hearth. ¬†Even if you have a gas fireplace or a fire and ice fireplace and don’t need the tools, they will look great as a decorative element in your room!

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