Creating an Exciting Landscape Design with Fireglass and Firepits

If the saying is true that opposites attract, then the use of Fireglass in your pool landscaping is sure to draw a crowd.  While gas-powered flames have been in use for years accentuating pillars and warming fire pits, recently the use of Fireglass has taken off in high end residential and commercial installations.  Fireglass can be seen in poolside firebowls and freestanding outdoor fire pits. Used essentially as a replacement in Dallas custom landscaping to the traditional stone logs used in most gas-burning fire applications to cover the unnatural details of the fire place, such as the plumbing for the gas and burner jets.

Fireglass consists essentially of dyed glass shards, which are substituted for the lava rocks or ceramic logs present in today’s fire pits.  Some companies will use all or partially recycled glass in order to decrease its carbon footprint.  When used to mask the gas jets in a natural gas fireplace, the shards refract light and glow in numerous unique ways, reflecting the heat and light generated by the gas into the surrounding space.  The material is extremely unique in that it requires almost no maintenance once installed and does not create noxious fumes or soot when subjected to extreme heat.  As long as the Fireglass is kept clean, it retains an incredibly long service life.

However, if the pit is operated while the glass is stained or dirty, staining can result.  But in most cases the biggest problem people have with this wonderful material is trying to decide which beautiful color to use.  By mixing and matching different combinations of reds, blues, oranges and yellows, many different effects can be created.  And since the glass is not permanently emplaced in its installation, as is often the case with ceramic logs, it can be swapped out for a new color combination or cleaning at the owner’s whim.

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