Tips for Building Eco Friendly Homes

Our modern world is hardly imaginable without all those technologies that have been invented over the past decades. But at the same time modern society is highly aware of the fact that all these technologies can affect the state of the environment and the level of living in the worst way. And while it can be rather hard to refuse all the amenities you have, it is still possible to improve your life and the world around you.  Building eco friendly homes is one solution to this problem.

Eco friendly homes have become a very popular trend among those people who believe that the environmental protection is their duty. Nevertheless, even if you are not so conscious about ecological problems but rather are interested in your own well-being, you can learn some tips on how to make your home a more protected, a more cost efficient, and a more comfortable place to live in.

Whether you are going to build a new home or just thinking about some rebuilding works, there are many ways to improve it. Start with some simple ideas of using passive solar energy for eco friendly homes designs and then

Your Eco Friendly Home

Your Eco Friendly Home from

proceed to the more advanced options. For instance, you may want to cover your roof with white tiles or plant several trees at the southern windows to reduce indoor heat in summer.

Another thing about eco friendly homes to consider is nothing more than your wastes. The way you recycle different wastes can affect greatly both your budget and the state of environment. You can make a compost pile to dispose of organic wastes, you can give away your metal or paper wastes to special organizations, and you can offer unnecessary clothes you don’t wear anymore to charity.

Depending on how much water you consume, you can start recycling shower and bathing water for other purposes. As for example, you can use this water while cleaning your home or watering your garden.

Other options for eco friendly homes may include special protection shields for your computers and other electric appliances as well as cleaning your air conditioner filters at least once a year. You may want to use several ventilation fans instead of air conditioning system to reduce the consumption of electricity and to improve air circulation at your home. Having window tinting installed on all of your windows is also a great way to make your home more eco friendly because window film actually reduces the amount of heat getting into your home, utility usage for heating and cooling your home will go way down.

The most complex solutions may include independent off-grid solar or wind powered systems equipped with special storage devices and DC/AC invertors. And while the most extreme ideas of rammed earth eco friendly homes or wood houses are surely not for everyone, the utilization of solar power for homes or wind energy is a more realistic decision.

It really is  our duty to preserve and protect our planet.  If we don’t do our part now to make sure our beautiful Mother Earth is clean and able to sustain us in the future, there may be some very dark days ahead for our children and grandchildren.  One of the best and easiest ways to do that is by making sure you have an eco friendly home.

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