How To Find A Good Drill Bit Set

Drill bits are used in many types of drilling jobs. They can come in handy in the house, when certain projects or repairs have to be done. They can be used to drill holes into a metal cabinet, to make a barbecue grill, or to make some adjustments to your kitchen sink; you will also need them to fasten new kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. Putting up curtain rods is another common household project where drill bits are needed. The list of projects you will need a good drill bit set for goes on and on. On the other hand, professional carpenters and mechanics use drill bits more often. Particularly, those who are in the construction or repair business will find many used for their drill bits.

With all these possibilities, it is very important that you find the drill bit set that fits your needs. To do this, it is worth looking into three important factors: size, function, and cost. First, the size of your set will correspond to the type of drilling jobs that you plan to do. If you are just looking for something to help you with minor work and repairs around the house, then a set containing five to 10 pieces of drill bits should be enough.

Dewalt Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Dewalt Cobalt Drill Bit Set from

You don’t really need to buy a huge set, only to realize later that you won’t be using all of its parts. Meanwhile, if you are a professional mechanic or carpenter, having a large assortment of drill bits is essential. Whether you are fixing or making cars, putting up patio covers, or managing a metal business, drill bits are definitely a daily part of your routine. In this case, a set that contains up to 29 pieces would be extremely useful.

The second factor, function, is directly related to the first one. Knowing clearly about the function of your drills will help you figure out the type of bits that you need. For example, there are ordinary metal drill bits that are used mainly for drilling wood, concrete and some soft metals. However, for boring holes into tough metals such as stainless steel and iron, cobalt drill bits are the best. They contain huge amounts of cobalt, which is perfect for digging into strong substances, such as wrought iron railings. A metric drill bit set is always advantageous to have on hand, even if you don’t do many projects requiring metric drill bits – you will save yourself a trip to the hardware store in the midst of a project if you keep a set on hand.

And finally, the third consideration is cost. Be sure to pick a drill bit set that is according to your budget, and yet still able to perform well. Always buy the best quality set of drill bits you can afford, as they will last longer and perform better for you. For those who use drill bits everyday, buying the best quality you can is especially important.

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