Daybed Bedding

Daybeds are not a modern invention. In fact the first daybeds can actually be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece. They also made an appearance in the Victorian era, and have stuck around ever since.

For those of you who are not familiar with daybeds, they are a cross between a bed and a couch. Daybeds feature a back and sides like a couch, but the mattress serves as the cushions.

They have a linkspring system (similar to a box spring) that is the support mechanism for the mattress. The linkspring has a metal frame with cross supports. Most daybeds support a twin size mattress. Daybed bedding is a great alternative to a traditional couch for various reasons. They are comfortable, stylish and can save you a lot of room.

Daybed bedding is a great option for anyone who is short on space. Studio apartments, dorms, guest rooms, finished basements, and vacation homes are just some of the places where daybed bedding would be ideal. Instead of having to buy a couch and a bed, just buy a daybed. Many daybeds also come in trundle form, giving you an additional bed if one is needed.

For those of you who may be concerned about the style aspect of daybed bedding, never fear. Daybeds come in both metal and wood styles, in just about any color or finish you could want, making it easy to coordinate your daybed with your existing furniture. The bedding is also easy to coordinate with other furniture. Daybed bedding ensembles come in just about every conceivable color and pattern imaginable. Kids daybed bedding is also available. Boys daybed bedding can be purchased in car and truck prints, dinosaur prints, and robot prints. Girls daybed bedding can be purchased in princess and fairy prints, flower prints, and many more.  You can even find Tinkerbell bedding and other movie and/or story-based character girls bedding in daybed styles.

Matching pillows are usually available for daybed bedding sets, making the daybed seem even more like a couch rather than a bed. Covers for daybed bedding are also available, making it possible to cover up the bedding portion and making the daybed seem even more like a couch.

As for the comfort of daybed bedding, you are basically sitting on a bed. What could be more comfortable than that?  Daybed bedding is available at most furniture and bedding stores, so next time you are in the market for a new couch (or bed), consider a daybed.

Tip of the Day:

When shopping online for heavy items such as white bedroom furniture or daybeds, always check out the return policy before you buy!  Some online retailers will let you ship items back free of charge, and some online retailers that also have “brick and mortar” stores will let you take large items back to the store.

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