How to Choose the Best Dark Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

The appearance of dark hardwood flooring is truly unique, and creates and elegance and contrast that can not be achieved with medium and light colored hues of solid wood. Many homeowners who have this shade of hardwood installed in their home will tell you it is long lasting, durable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear. In fact, many of the ideas surrounding dark hardwood flooring are untrue and are purely myth. But before you add this type of wood flooring to your home, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration.

Before you begin the selection process, understand there are different degrees of dark wood floors. This deep hue can be described as being Deep Brown, Cherry, Mahogany, Espresso and even Black – and are commonly manufactured from either Birch, Hickory, Maple and Oak.  While all shades of dark engineered hardwood flooring can make a space feel open and elegant, they need to be carefully coordinated with your existing or updated pieces of furniture and cabinets. The wrong color combination’s can make the room appear mismatched, dull or cramped. If you want to create a room design that thrives off extreme contrast, try adding black hardwood floors to a room with cream, white or off-white furniture and cabinetry.

Brazilian Black Tiger Hardwood Flooring

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For homeowners who want to step outside the traditional outside flooring options, the addition of a strand woven bamboo floor could be the perfect solution. Bamboo flooring gains its color through the process of carbonization instead of staining – which also increases the strength and durability of the wood. In other words, not only is the resulting color beautiful it is ideal for high traffic homes with children and pets. Some of the most popular dark strand woven bamboo flooring color choices are Ebony, Walnut, Cappuccino and Cherry.

No matter which option you decide is right for your home, dark flooring can add an element of beauty and elegance that is unsurpassed by other options. And a properly installed traditional hardwood or strand woven bamboo floor can add value to your home. Before you buy, make sure the deep hue of the wood will complement your new or existing furniture, window treatments and fixtures. By doing this you can avoid a potential decorating disaster, and disappointment with your new design. Hardwood flooring prices aren’t cheap, so you really need to make sure of your color choice before you buy. Once you have installed the best solid hardwood flooring you can afford for your room and home, you will understand why so many homeowners prefer this choice.

Tip of the Day:

Always protect your expensive flooring with area rugs, and even more importantly, with residential window tinting.  You definitely don’t want to pay lots of money for beautiful flooring only to have it scratched by furniture or faded by damaging UV rays from the sun!

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