Cheap Curb Appeal Tips

The housing market is flooded with foreclosures and heavily discounted properties. For a seller, this can be bad news. Getting your home noticed can be hard especially with a limited budget for improvements. There are some things that can be done to greatly increase a home’s curb appeal without spending a lot of cash.

The first thing to do is almost free and that is just cleaning up the yard and outdoor spaces. Mowing the grass, organizing the carpets, and sweeping the patio and driveway can all be done for free. Toys and bikes should be stored away and remove any political signs or other distractions from the yard. For a few dollars, some potted plants from the local DIY store will go a long way.

On the porch a new doormat can be replaced to add a modern touch to your home. Be creative, too. Some cheap carpet squares or all weather garage floor carpet tiles make a clever entrance mat. If the outdoor light fixture has seen better days than install a new one. Changing out both the mat and the light fixture will cost less than $50. A gallon of paint to touch up trim or railings is a worthwhile expenditure as well. The potential buyer must be lured inside if you ever expect to sell your home.

It may seem like common sense to do these things, but drive down the street of Anytown, USA, and you will see FOR SALE signs on homes with filthy, overgrown yards and zero curb appeal. For less than $100, some plants, a new mat and light, and a gallon or two of paint could bring a quicker sale. This is a great investment. The market is tight right now. Give your home a competitive edge and be the best on the block. The old saying is true: You only get one chance to make a first impression!

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