A Few Basic Steps to Cleaning Shower Tile and Grout Mildew

How to clean grout and tile?  Tile and shower grout mildew and stains are a perennial problem for homeowners, it is always best to look for the best materials. We even thought of hiring professionals which cost more. The best tile cleaners are the ones that are suited to our needs.

Our porous bathroom grouts are the first places that fungus and mildew attack. So it is logical that we look for great tile and grout cleaners. The frequency at which we do cleaning should be for at least every two weeks. If left unchecked and neglected these problems can actually become worse. A proactive way to prevent mildew is to use your bathroom fan. This will keep the moisture and humidity levels at a lower rate.

Let’s look at some ways to clean tile and shower grout. If we are faced with tough stains, we should use diluted bleach. This is mixed at an ideal 1:2 ratio with water. We place this in a spray bottle and just spray it on our mildewed tile grouts. If we have colored tiles, use oxygenated bleach with color guard.

An easy way is to look for items and materials that available. Use Lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda. Just make them into a solution for the liquids or a paste for the baking soda with vinegar. Then apply these on the grout and tile area, let it stay for a few minutes and them scrub them with a damp piece of cloth. Lemon juice is also superb for discolorations that accumulate over time and there also easy to use at less cost.

Commercial products are perfect for those tough cleaning deals. We should be careful with the cleaning products we choose for cleaning tile grout and read the instructions carefully. Some quality products are pH balanced and are less harsh. These products should be infrequently used since they are commercial strength and will remove the stains. As a rule, they are applied and allowed to sit in the tiles for a few minutes and then rinsed after.

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