A Simple Solution for Cleaning Gutters

Did you know that cleaning your gutters is not as difficult of a job as most people make of it? It is actually easy to clean your gutters if you know how to clean them properly. The truth is that most gutter filters or filtration systems are incredibly overpriced. There are gutter protection systems out there that cost anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. Well, you are only replacing or covering the gutters and not building an addition onto your house so the truth is that this is way to much. Even if you put your money into an investment account you would have plenty of money to pay someone to clean your gutter for you every year just of of the interest alone. The easiest and cheapest solution however, is to clean them yourself.

Gutter Cleaning Kit

Gutter Cleaning Kit from Amazon.com


The Best Tool for Cleaning Gutters

One useful tool that is fantastic for cleaning gutters is a gutter cleaning rake on a 15 foot extension pole. A gutter rake is relatively inexpensive. It costs around $10 but it can cut the amount of time it takes you to clean your gutters in half every time you clean your gutters.  If you have any trees within about 50 feet if your home, you should make an effort to clean your gutters at least once a year to keep them running freely.  There is nothing worse than getting a heavy rain when your gutters are clogged – the excess water will run over the top of the gutters, possibly causing damage to foundation plantings and landscaping, and causing too much water to accumulate near the foundation.  This may cause basement leakage to occur, which is definitely not desirable at any time.


How to Use a Gutter Rake for Cleaning Gutters from a Ladder

The easiest way to use a gutter rake is to set up the ladder next to the downspout. Then you will want to clean out around the downspout and use your rake to clean out the gutter 10 to 15 feet on either side of the part you are cleaning. Take a bucket up the ladder with you for carrying down the debris. A normal gutter cleaning job should take you 1-2 hours. The gutter rake is the most effective with gutters that are only have full. Gutters that haven’t been cleaned for years may be so packed full of mud, that they take up to four hours to clean.  If your gutters are clogged that badly, you may want to invest in a professional gutter cleaning and from then on, you can use your gutter rake to keep them clean on an annual basis.

You don’t really need expensive gutter covers to keep your gutters clean.  All you need are the right tools to clean gutters, such as a gutter rake.  The best way to maintain your gutters is to clean them on a regular basis, and you will find that if you do clean them regularly, the job won’t be bad at all to complete.


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