How To’s for Cleaning Fireplace Glass Doors

Soot and dirt that have caked up on the glass doors of a fireplace will eventually reduce the heat that the fireplace transmits into the room in which it is used. Cleaning fireplace glass doors after each use is always recommended to help keep heat flowing.

While choosing a cleaning product for glass fireplace doors, try to avoid any abrasives that might scratch the glass. Many great products are sold that will clean these doors effectively and there are many homemade solutions that will work just as well.

Leaving the doors intact with the fireplace may not be the easiest way to clean them but it will help to avoid breakage. Be especially careful if you have a wood fireplace mantel or fireplace surround, as these can be damaged by the cleaners used for the doors.  Also, remove the fireplace tools from the hearth before you begin to make sure you have plenty of room to work.

These same steps for cleaning can be used on most glass fireplace doors including custom fireplace glass doors as well as prefabricated fireplace glass doors.

Procedure for Cleaning Fireplace Glass Doors

  • Start the cleaning by opening the glass doors and if it is a gas fireplace, shut off the gas. Apply a cleaning solution, preferably one that is creamy, to a clean, dry cloth. Rub the doors starting from the top and working toward the bottom of the door.
  • With a cloth that has been soaked in pure water rinse the door.
  • The cloth may need to be rinsed out several times during this process. The cleaning solutions should help to remove most of the dirt and soot from the door.
  • If black spots are still visible after rinsing repeat the cleaning process again.
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Extra Steps for Cleaning Glass Fireplace Doors

Baked on soot is an issue for many glass fireplace doors. This type of build up will require more steps to clean them than doors that just have mild dirt and soot on them. Using a flat razor blade to help scrape off the soot is a good place to start. Using the razor at an angle will help to keep it from putting scratches into the glass. After the heavy soot has been scraped from the glass panes the doors can be cleaned like normal.

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When it comes to fireplace doors glass certainly seems to be the most popular type of material they are made from. ¬†They do get dirty, especially if you use your fireplace on a regular basis; however, cleaning glass fireplace doors really isn’t a big deal if you do it regularly, and remember to use the correct cleaning products.

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